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Cookies Policy
Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website and are mainly used to make your browsing experience more effective and faster. Subsequently, when the user re-interacts with the web, that small amount of information will help the browser to remember you. The set of cookies we use helps us improve the quality of our website allowing us to control what Pages find our users useful and which not. In addition many online features have been designed Specifically to work through the use of cookies IMPORTANT - You should know that cookies can not harm your computer. - Cookies do not contain personal data or reveal your identity. What kinds of cookies are there? To expand your information about cookies: - Cookies can be own (our own web stores them) or third parties (from external servers) - We can also differentiate between session cookies (when we close our session on the website we will Remove) and permanent (remain on your computer for a certain time). They are also divided into: - Functional cookies (without them the web page would not function correctly) - Analytic cookies (they keep all the information of the activity of the user in our web to be able to realize studies and analyze different parameters) - Personalization cookies (determine our preferences regarding colors, language, etc.) - Advertising cookies (according to detected habits, offer personalized offers) - Affiliate Cookies (with them is tracked visits from other websites with a Contract of affiliation) How can I manage cookies (activate and / or deactivate)? To enable / disable cookies on your computer, tablet or smartphone, you must do so through your internet browser. In the most used / known browsers, here's how to manage the use of these cookies. Explorer, from Firefox, from Safari, from Chrome, from Note: uses third-party cookies called Google Analytics, in order to collect, view and analyze traffic data on our website. Also includes on your web social network widgets so you can share with your contacts the articles you consider interesting. The "cookies" used by the Website, or the third party acting on its behalf, are only associated with an anonymous user and his computer, and do not provide the personal data of the user. - Any change in the Cookies Policy by will be timely Communicated to our users.