“I am now over 8 months in with my steadygum and I can say, without a doubt, that it is now one of the most important and essential pieces of gear that I own.”

Toby Birney
Director of Photography / Camera Operator

guy thompson

“Still the best piece of functional kit I’ve invested in.”

Guy Thompson
Freelance Filmmaker Media /News Company

“I´m only a few hours in with it but it´s already night and day to traditional shoulder mounted operating. Highly recommend this kit!”

Christopher Loren
Director of Photography / Filmmaker

“I must say it works awesome. Alleviates the weight, good balance and makes the camera more an addition to your body.”

Sean M. Byrd
Freelance  Photojournalist

“When I get home at the end of the day I no longer need to ice my back and shoulder. Love the SteadyGum!”

Lance Lowrie
Freelance  photographer/camera operator

“I must say it works awesome. Alleviates the weight, good balance and makes the camera more an addition to you body”

Sean M. Byrd


For shoulder cameras over 13 lb / 6 kg


For shoulder cameras less than 13 lb / 6 kg


For handheld cameras less than 13 lb / 6 kg

30 days money back guarantee. More

The main inspiration behind the development of steadyGum was to prevent occupational injuries.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the audiovisual world we discovered the best way to distribute the weight of the camera throughout the torso. This significantly reduces the physical exertion by 80 % for the camera operator, improving health and productivity.

Apart from being ergonomic, steadyGum gives you benefits like freedom of movement, great camera steadiness and balance making the camera more an addition to the body. 

SteadyGum is an intuitive, light and easy to use product created by a cameraman for cameramen. 

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SteadyGum S.L. grants a 30 days trial period of the products purchased on the website during which the buyer can return the product without having to claim or give any explanation in this regard. SteadyGum S.L. will refund the amount paid by the user except shipping, return and customs costs.
To make changes or returns, you must take the product back. The product must be in perfect condition and must be in its original packaging.
Contact us at info@steadygum.com to receive further instructions on how to return.