Ready, steady...Gum


The main inspiration to develop steadyGum was to prevent occupational injuries.
Thanks to our extensive experience in the audiovisual world we discovered the best way to distribute the weight of the camera throughout the torso. At the same time this significantly reduces the physical exertion of the camera operator. All this to improve health and productivity of the cameraman.

Apart from being ergonomic, steadyGum gives you benefits like great camera stability and operability. SteadyGum is easy, light and intuitive addition to equipment to set up.

Due to the development of our elastic belt, designed exclusively to include all these features, steadyGum is an innovative breakthrough for the cameramen that reduces their physical exertion by 80 % 
SteadyGum is an intuitive, light and easy to use product aimed at professionals and amateur customers from the audiovisual world.

Hight quality materials

All the materials that are part of steadyGum are carefully selected by our engineers to guarantee flexibility, lightness, durability, versatility and comfort. Our product is also completed with the finest handmade finish.

Every unit is individually checked after passing a very strict quality control.
SteadyGum was developed by a team made of professionals from the fields of audiovisual communication, physiotherapy, occupational health and craftsmen from different specialities.

SteadyGum working positions

Make the most of your steadyGum

My day at work with steadyGum

In this video you can see a professional cameraman at work using our innovative steadyGum equipment. The cameraman moves his camera freely and smoothly. He reduces vibration considerably while recording in motion. 

SteadyGum improves your health

Prevents injuries. Reduces physical exertion by 80%


What our clients say:

"I´m excited to share my enthusiasm for this bit of kit. Carrying a 25lb camera on my shoulder for may years has left me (and many ops) with chronic shoulder issues. I´m plugged by right shoulder impingement wich has me in physical theraphy for months. At the end of a long day it leaves me right arm useless. This support rig was designed by a Spanish camera op. and used a monopod and a heavy duty elastic bands to support the camera and distribuite the weight to your left shoulder. I´m only a few hours in with it but it´s already night and day to traditional shoulder mounted operating".

Highly recommend this kit !

Christopher Loren
Camera Operator

“I bought your product at the beginning of the season 33 of The Real World show and it has been wonderful. When I get home at the end of the day I no longer need to ice my back and shoulder. My shooting has also improved greatly because I no longer have to deal with the pain of being shouldered up for a long run without a break.”

Love the Steady Gum! 

Lance Lowrie  
Freelancer photographer/camera operator

" I am now over 8 months in with my steadygum and I can say, without a doubt, that it is now one of the most important and essential pieces of gear that I own. Even my chiropractor is amazed at my posture and general well-being compared to where I’ve been for the best part of the last decade or more. Those nagging chronic pains that were always just an unfortunate side effect of doing handheld work for hours on end, day after day, have been all but eliminated. The SteadyGum perfectly and evenly distributes the weight of my 27lb camera rig, and it is substantially more comfortable than any other support rig that I have ever tried in my career. I cannot recommend this piece of gear highly enough to any and all camera operators out there."

Toby Birney
Director of Photography / Camera Operator


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