Step 1 Open the buckle and put the  SteadyGum shoulder pad on your left shoulder.
Step 2 Close the  buckle  and check if it is correctly closed by pulling it in  the opposite direction.  
(It is also possible to put the  SteadyGum shoulder pad on your shoulder without opening the buckle, getting the right arm through the elastic belt.
Step  3 Check that the monopod attaching receiver bag is located under  the right side of the chest.
Step  4 If it does not occur, you should take off the SteadyGum again and adjust the lenth of the  elastic belt streaching or rolling it with the tensor located in the back of the elastic belt.
Step  5 - Put again the SteadyGumaccording the steps 1 and 2. Check again that  the monopod attaching receiver bagis in under your right chest according the step 3.
Step  6 Place the camera on  your shoulder and then fit the quick release  plate to the camera. Always make sure that the buckle fits correctly by hearing a “click”.
Step  7 Extend elastic belt pulling the handle located in the below the monopod  attaching receiver bag and put the base of the  telescopic monopod   inside the monopod attaching receiver bag.
I you wish you can make another last adjustment for size or operation extending the  telescopic monopod to the wished length.
Step  8 For taking off the device always proceed releasing first the base of the telescopic monopod of the  monopod attaching receiver bag.
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